Hey, I'm Frank Gong
Product designer specializing in digital UX & motion design
Passionate about creating simple, efficient, and engaging user experience.
3 Years of Experience + a Master’s Degree in IxD
My Design Journey
UX Designer
#Experience Design
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UX Design Intern
#Device Configuration UX
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UX Design Intern
#Design System
Master of Fine Arts
Interaction Design
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Product Design at EY

Improve account organization and data display for a wealth management app
Product design execution
2023 - #Wealth Management
Enhance search and filter features for a healthcare provider location finding tool
Responsive web app design execution
2022 - #Healthcare, #Credit Card
Envision a robust and tailored intranet for 13,500 employees
Product design vision
2022 - #Intranet

Web Visual & Motion Design at EY

Design for a simple, consistent, and engaging marketing site experience
Responsive marketing site design execution
2022 - #Healthcare, #Credit Card
Build a UI animation system for a policy advocacy website
UI illustrations & animations design execution
2023 - #Policy Advocacy, #Lottie Animation, #After Effects

Product Design at Logitech

Create a consistent and scalable device lighting configuration experience for Logitech G HUB
Product design execution
2021 - #Configuration UX, #Gaming
Integrate new gaming devices and configuration features into Logitech G HUB
Product design execution
2021 - #Configuration UX, #Gaming
Design for point-of-purchase and ongoing device customization experience
Experience design concept
2020 - #Device Customization

School Work at SVA IxD

Help young adults customize their temporary living space
Product design concept
2019 - #Home Customization
Attract donors around the world to donate for coral reef restoration
Product design concept
2019 - #NGO, #Adobe Competition
Improve Fellow Barber's end-to-end customer experience
Service design concept
2019 - #Customer Experience
Develop children's musicality via a smart music education kit
Smart product prototype
2019 - #Processing, #Music
Immerse in a short time journey of art history through a "clock"
Interactive installation
2019 - #Computer Vision
Understand your local real-time air quality intuitively
Smart product prototype
2020 - #IoT, #IFTTT