Develop children's musicality via a smart music education kit
2 Weeks, 2019
My Role
Shuchen Wang, Kimaya Malwade.
Processing, Arduino, RFID
A lot of parents take their children to concerts to develop their musicality. However, even adults find it hard to clearly distinguish all musical instruments.
We want to create more engaging music learning experience for kids to make them intuitively distinguish different musical instruments in the concert through the way of combining physical toy and digital content.
How It Works?
The Interaction Logic. We used a set of RFID labels and a RFID reader connected with Arduino to enable Processing to read which figurine is on the scan area. And then Processing will auto play the matched gif animations.
Next Steps
Due to time limitations, We used wired connection between the box and the laptop for the rapid prototyping purpose. In the next step, we plan to build wireless version technical prototype by using a wifi-module and P5.JS.