Three digital+physical service design proposals for improving Fellow Barber's customer experience.

2 Months, 2019
Fellow Barber
Shuchen Wang,
Jinpei Wei,
Hyelim Lim,
Kimaya Malwade.
User Research,
Product Design,
UI Design.

My Roles
Sponsored Project in Service Design Course
Fellow Barber is a nationwide chain barbershop with 11 branches in NYC and San Francisco. As a pioneer of barbering subculture, it has elevated the craft of barbering.
Three Problem Statements
1) New customers need a more effective barber pairing model to make an online appointment with suitable barbers, because customers find it difficult to learn more about barbers on the current booking website.

2) Customers need a more intuitive way to describe their hairstyle preferences with their barber, because many customers are not good at verbally communicating hairstyles.

3) Fellow Barber needs a more varied loyalty experience to retain customers, because the current loyalty program is not engaging.
Three Solutions
FellowX is a series of digital+physical service design proposals for improving Fellow Barber's customer experience. It has three parts:

1) By creating extended barber portfolios and a new hairstyles inspiration section on Fellow Barber's booking website, it can match new customers to more suitable barbers.

2) By designing an in-shop iPad kiosk for the visual hairstyle guide, it helps barbers better understand customers' preferences.

3) By creating a new integrated service connection between Fellow Barber and its strategic partner-Butler Cafe, it offers a more engaging loyalty experience.
Part 1:
Online Booking Experience
1) The online new booking flow that integrates extended barber portfolios. And it is optimized based on user testing.
2) A new hairstyles inspiration section that can recommend barbers based on their skillsets.
Part 2:
iPad Kiosk
New in-shop iPad kiosk for visual hairstyle communication between barbers and customers. And it also provides customers with quick readings about Fellow Barber's signature hairstyles during waiting time before the hair service.

Part 3:
Loyalty Experience
New loyalty experience partnering with Butler Cafe in the barbershop to provide free or discounted coffee after the hair service.

My Service Design Process
Risk Analysis
Background Research

User Research

Identify Pain Points

In-depth Research

Competitive Study

Website Analysis

Journey Map

Service Blueprint

Opportunity Areas

HMW Questions
Co-design Workshop

Concept Generation
Redesign UX Flow

Prototype 1.0
UX Testing

Prototype 2.0
Mapping Changes

Risk Management
Risk Analysis
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Service Design Brief
We worked with the marketing and operation lead of Fellow Barber to make the service design brief.
Understand the Background
• Salient Attribute of Fellow Barber's Service: The customized experience by highly trained barbers.
Customers can choose the barbers they like as there are about one hundred barbers with various skillsets on three different levels.
• Fellow Barber is expanding.
The majority of loyal customers say they are satisfied with the service.
• The Strategic Partnership with Butler Cafe.
Three shops have in-shop space for Butler Cafe & Bakery. It plans to open more shops with Butler.
• Booking an appointment is required for all customers.
• Online booking is the main booking channel for new customers.
Understand the Customers
We interviewed 11 customers and got customers' data from company database.
• Main customers are from creative industries.

• Care a lot about their hairstyles and barbers.
Identify Pain Points
We got data from Google Maps, Yelp, and an internal feedback database to discover the pain points in the current service process for new customers.
• Some new customers are not served by the barbers that suit them.

• Some barbers fail to meet new customers’ expectations for hairstyles.
In-depth Research
We used shadowing and participant observation methods to gain a holistic and in-depth understanding of new customers’ pain points.
Fellow Barber's website lacks information about barbers. As a result, new customers have a high probability of choosing a barber that is not suitable.

The loyalty program is not attractive. The loyalty program is only: For every new client invited, the next haircut price is reduced by 20%. 
Stakeholder Interviews

• Male customers are not good at verbally communicating hairstyles with barbers.

• Currently shop managers usually assign a barber to a new customer only based on barbers' schedule. If customers didn’t select a specific barber online.

• Many customers usually buy a cup of coffee in butler cafe after the haircut service.
Competitive Research
• About Loyalty Program:
Fellow Barber can take the unique advantage of partnering with Butler to provide a new loyalty experience.

• About Social Media Resources:

Fellow Barber has a lot of Instagram followers. Loyal customers often share their hairstyles on Instagram and hashtag #Fellow Barber.
Website Analysis
We mapped out the current online booking flow for new customers.
Customer Persona
Customer Journey Map
Service Blueprint
Opportunity Areas
Barber Matching
The website is the key channel for new customers to match their barbers, but it is hard for new customers to choose their barbers with limited information on the current booking website.
Understanding customers’ preferences is a key moment for barbers to let customers get the hairstyle they expect. However, only using verbal communication during the service is not enough.
Loyalty Experience
The strategic partnership with Butler Cafe can be the opportunity of designing a more engaging loyalty experience.

How Might We...
Create a more effective online barber-customer paring model?
Help barbers better understand customers’ preferences?
Offer customers a more engaging loyalty experience by creating a new service connection with the Butler cafe?

Co-design Workshop
We carried out a co-design session with the marketing lead, the head of product, one shop manager, and one customer.
Concept Generation
We helped stakeholders visualize their ideas during the workshop. After we collectively evaluated all ideas, our stakeholders selected four concepts.
Redesign UX Flow
We redesigned the information architecture of the website to optimize the "browse" phase in the booking flow.
Web Prototype 1.0
-Extended Barber’s Portfolio-


• We also added a new row showing “available time” in the barber info list to enable customers to sort barbers based on time.

-Matching Barbers through Hairstyles-
We designed a new hairstyle booking option for enabling customers to select barbers according to their previous work.
Ipad Kiosk Prototype 1.0
• Considering the instant communication scenario, we believed that the critical UX design principles should be SIMPLE and EFFICIENT: the visual hierarchy and interface layout should be simple enough to understand and use quickly.

After-Service Experience
• We redesigned the packaging of Butler coffee, adding a new touchpoint of the feedback form.

• By connecting Butler Cafe, Fellow Barber can provide an engaging and relevant add-on loyalty experience: the discounted coffee catered after every time loyal customers visit. This add-on experience can also increase the exposure of the feedback form to make the company better improve the business.

UX Testing
The UX Flow of Booking Pages:
• The shop location is the most important and relevant information for new customers.
They would like to choose the shop located nearby their home or working place first.

• The navigation bar offers too many options in terms of UX flow. It can cause new customers to spend more time understanding the content. 

Extended Barber’s Portfolio:
• The interviewees all said the barber’s portfolio pages could make them gain a better understanding of each barber’s skillsets by looking at their previous work images. 

• It’s more convenient if they can book the barber they are interested directly in the barber’s portfolio page, instead of choosing the barber again in current UX flow. 

Hairstyle Booking Option:
• New customers can get useful information from the hairstyle booking option page. Now they know which barber has expertise in which hairstyles. 

• However, Putting a hairstyle booking option on the navigation bar of the booking page can make new customers confused. And also, the term “hairstyle booking option” can make them confused.

iPad Kiosk: 
• Shop managers said the majority of customers would come 5-7mins earlier than the appointment time. As a result, iPad kiosks can be given to customers by front desk staff when they are checking-in. We got suggestions about designing default lading pages of iPad, which can enable customers to read some recent hairstyle trends made by Fellow Barber.
Prototype 2.0
• After user testing, we removed the secondary top bar and designed a more linear booking flow.
FellowX is three digital+physical service design proposals for improving Fellow Barber's customer experience.

1) By creating extended barber profiles and optional preferences pages in Fellow Barber's booking website, it can match new customers to more suitable barbers.

2) By designing in-shop ipad kiosk for visual hairstyle guide, it helps barbers better understand customers’ preferences.

3) By creating new integrated service connection between Fellowbarber and its strategic partner-Butler Cafe, it offers more attractive loyalty experience.

• We removed the previous "hairstyle booking" option. We designed "hairstyles introduction" pages that can be accessed on the navigation bar to make booking flow more linear and more explicit.
• We added the landing page for customers and the extended recent hairstyle trend reading section.

• As customers can use the kiosk during the waiting time, we created a "selected list". We also added a "like" button on every detailed hairstyle page to make customers save the hairstyles they are interested in quickly.

Risk Analysis
Mapping the Changes
We created Fellow Barber's future service blueprint based on the three parts of our service design proposal, and we highlighted the parts that changed.
Risk Management
We listed the potential risks that our service design proposal may include and came up with strategies to mitigate them.
Because the iPad kiosk is not designed to be a necessary part of the service process, so we accept this risk, and the barber can communicate with them by mouth before haircuts more dedicated.
We can accept there is a risk because providing higher quality barber service is the more critical business strategic goal.

Before cutting hair, a barber can confirm and further communicate with the customer about the hairstyle they want, based on reality.
We can leave more space to introduce junior barbers on a website to increase the exposure of them, to mitigate this risk.