Service design proposals for improving Fellow Barber's customer experience.

2 Months, 2019
Fellow Barber
Shuchen Wang,
Jinpei Wei,
Hyelim Lim,
Kimaya Malwade.
User Research,
Product Design,
UI Design.

My Roles
Sponsored Project in Service Design Course
Fellow Barber is a nationwide chain barbershop with 11 branches in NYC and San Francisco. As a pioneer of barbering subculture, it has elevated the craft of barbering.
Two Problem Statements
1) New customers need a more effective barber pairing model to make an online appointment with suitable barbers, because customers find it difficult to learn more about barbers on the current booking website.
2) Customers need a more intuitive way to describe their hairstyle preferences with their barber, because many customers are not good at verbally communicating hairstyles.
Two Solutions
1) By creating extended barber portfolios and a new hairstyles inspiration section on Fellow Barber's booking website, it can match new customers to more suitable barbers.
2) By designing an in-shop iPad kiosk for the visual hairstyle guide, it helps barbers better understand customers' preferences.
Part 1:
Online Booking Experience
The new online booking flow integrating extended barber portfolios. It is optimized based on user testing.
A new hairstyles inspiration section that can recommend barbers based on their skillsets.
Part 2:
iPad Kiosk
We designed new in-shop iPad kiosk for visual hairstyle communication between barbers and customers. And it also provides customers with quick readings about Fellow Barber's signature hairstyles during waiting time before the hair service.
Project Brief
Contextual Research
• Salient Attribute of Fellow Barber Service: The customized experience by highly trained barbers with various skillsets.
• The majority of customers are satisfied with the service.
• Appointment is required for all customers.
• New customers usually book online.
Database Research
We got data from Google Maps, Yelp, and an internal feedback database to discover the pain points in the current service process for new customers.
• Some new customers are not served by the suitable barbers.

• Some barbers fail to meet new customers’ expectations for hairstyles.
Customer/Stakeholder Interviews
We used shadowing and participant observation methods to gain a holistic and in-depth understanding of new customers’ pain points.
Fellow Barber's website lacks information about barbers. As a result, new customers have a high probability of choosing a barber that is not suitable.
• Male customers are not good at verbally communicating hairstyles with barbers.
Customer Persona
Customer Journey Maps & Service Blueprint
Frame Design Opportunities
Before Service

Barber Matching

Website is the key channel for new customers to match barbers, but it's hard for new customers to choose their barbers with limited information on the current booking website.
How Might We...
Create a more effective online barber-customer paring model?
During Service


Understanding customers’ preferences is a key moment for barbers to let customers get the hairstyle they expect. However, only using verbal communication during the service is not enough.
How Might We...
Help barbers better understand customers’ preferences?
Ideation: Co-design
We carried out a co-design session with the marketing lead, the head of product, one shop manager, and one customer.

We helped stakeholders visualize their ideas during the workshop. After we collectively evaluated all ideas, our stakeholders selected four concepts.
Redesign User Flow of Booking Website
Booking Website Prototype 1.0
• The New Booking Flow
We also added a new row showing “available time” in the barber info list to enable customers to sort barbers based on time.
• Matching Barbers through Hairstyles
We designed a new hairstyle booking option for enabling customers to select barbers according to their previous work.
Ipad Kiosk Prototype 1.0
• Considering the instant communication scenario, we believed that the critical UX design principles should be SIMPLE and EFFICIENT: the visual hierarchy and interface layout should be simple enough to understand and use quickly.
User Testing
UX Flow of Booking Pages:
• Shop location is the most important information for new customers.
• The navigation bar offers too many options.
Extended Barber Portfolio:
• Interviewees can better understand barbers' skillsets.
• Customer should can book barbers directly in portfolio pages.
Hairstyle Booking Option:
• Putting a hairstyle booking option on the booking page make new customers confused.
Prototype 2.0
• After user testing, we removed the secondary top bar and designed a more linear booking flow.
• We removed the previous "hairstyle booking" option. We designed "hairstyles introduction" pages that can be accessed on the navigation bar to make booking flow more linear and more explicit.
Viability Consideration
Mapping Changes
We created Fellow Barber's future service blueprint based on the three parts of our service design proposal, and we highlighted the changed parts.
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Risk Analysis
We listed the potential risks that our service design proposal may include and came up with strategies to mitigate them.
Because the iPad kiosk is not designed to be a necessary part of the service process, so we accept this risk, and the barber can communicate with them by mouth before haircuts more dedicated.
We can accept there is a risk because providing higher quality barber service is the more critical business strategic goal.
Before cutting hair, a barber can confirm and further communicate with the customer about the hairstyle they want, based on reality.
We can leave more space to introduce junior barbers on a website to increase the exposure of them, to mitigate this risk.