I'm Frank Gong,
UX Designer.

Desktop APP

G HUB - Lightsync Configuration Redesign

How might we create a consistent and scalable device lighting configuration interaction model for lighting effect profile creators? (Contact Me)

Desktop APP

G HUB - New Product Integration

How might we integrate new Logitech gaming products and features into G HUB configuration software? (Contact Me)

Web + Mobile APP

Sakura Platform

How might we empower Logitech gamers to express their personality and gaming interest through gaming gear customization? (Contact Me)

Sponsored Project


How might we help busy young adults customize their temporary living space more conveniently, efficiently and cost-effectively?

Sponsored Project



How might we improve Fellow Barber's end-to-end customer experience?

Final List Award


How might we attract donors around the world to donate to the 'Reefstar' for the coral reef restoration?