I'm Frank Gong,

a Product / UX Designer currently pursuing my MFA in Interaction Design from School of Visual Arts(SVA NYC). Previous UX Design intern @ Logitech Gaming.

I'm passionate about applying Iterative, Participatory and Collaborative Human-centered design thinking in creating delightful and engaging product experience.

4 Case Studies πŸ“ƒπŸŽ¨

Internship & Sponsored UX Projects

I would like to show you my skillsets and practices in user research, service design, interaction design, and UI design.

01 Logi G Internship

#UX Design Intern 2020
#Gaming UX
#Consumer Electronics

As a UX design intern, I worked with cross-functional teams to explore the future visions of gaming.

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02 Aery

#Product Design

An end-to-end home customization service for busy young adults.

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03 FellowX

#Service Design

Two digital service design proposals for improving Fellow Barber's customer experience.

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04 Reefstoration

#UX/UI Design

A donation app for coral reef restoration through gamified crowdfunding.

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4 Technically Feasible Prototypes πŸ”¨πŸ”§πŸ”©

UX Technical Projects

I would like to show you my hands-on project experience as a UX prototyper & technologist.

05 UX Developer Challenge

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#Front-end Development
#JavaScript, JSON, jQuery

Movie awards webpage development for entrepreneurs.

06 Musician

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#Interactive Product

A smart music education kit for children to develop their musicality.

07 AirS

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#IoT Product Prototype

An IoT device that shows user's local air quality in real-time.

08 Revolve

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#Interactive Installation
#Computer Vision

An interactive clock making audience immerse in the time journey of art history.